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Knowledgebase : Zulu eDM Support > Address Book > Building Additional Fields
Yes absolutely. When creating a new field in the system (this only works for multiple selection options) you can select to set up "Selection Based Segmentation" for this field. You can see the options in the example below. This example is adding users...
Yes absolutely. If you are looking to ask additional questions when a user signs up you will need to: 1. Create the additional questions [
Every business is different, so your requirements on what data you want to save on each of your subscribers/contacts will be different to other businesses. Because of this we enable you to create fields [
To create additional fields for your database follow these steps: 1. Go to Build & Group fields under the Address Book drop down menu. 2. You'll be taken to a screen when you need to create Field Groups to categorise the additional fields you want t...

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