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To get your API key for your account please follow the following procedure: 1)      Login to your Zulu eDM account 2)      Select the My Account option (circled in red below) 3)      Copy the API Key field on the My Account details screen
When signing up for a Zulu eDM account clients WILL NEED TO PROVIDE CREDIT CARD DETAILS even if they are only signing up for a FREEMIUM OR TRIAL ACCOUNT. A $0.50 Pre-Authorisation check will be sent to the payment provider. If this transaction is author...
We have added a security feature which will automatically log users out of the system after they have been inactive for 60minutes. Notification will appear on screen that looks like this.
FREEMIUM 1 Administrator Standard eDM Account 3 Administrators Professional eDM Account 10 Administrators
FREEMIUM 1 Test Sender Standard eDM Account 5 Test Senders Professional eDM Account 10 Test Senders
CURRENT LIMITS FOR ZULU EDM ACCOUNTS Trial Account Your daily number of imports is capped at 3 Your import limit is 500 contacts per import STANDARD EDM ACCOUNT Daily number of imports is capped at 5 Import limit is 3000 contacts per import PR...

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