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Tips to exporting subscribers that have unsubscribed

Posted by Olivia Tang on 02 June 2020 02:38 PM

This article explains the best way to get your unsubscribe data using Zulu eDM and some reasons why to follow these steps.  All reputable Email Service Providers and web mail systems mandate an unsubscribe link and follow the M3AAWG email sender best practices 

Zulu eDM Adheres To ALL Laws & Best Practices

If your Zulu eDM account is yet to be synced with one of our API integrations or you are yest to automate the data transfer using our Warrior API then here is some important tips for you to consider. 

When accessing any data for export, use the advanced search and export feature.

Why Exporting From Campaign Reports May Not Be Accurate

If you have been downloading the unsubscribe csv from your campaign statistics, be wary because:

  1. That list is ONLY triggered by the unsubscribe link at the very very bottom of each campaign. This ensures that we meet legislative requirements as per the one click unsubscribe rule.
  2. As a campaign strategy and subscriber retention strategy we encourage and design for the subscriber console. Most clients have preferences that their subscribers can select. We facilitate this via the subscriber console (my preferences). By having options and not just an unsubscribe link this works as a retention strategy. 
  3. Users that unsubscribe via the console do NOT appear in the campaign metrics  unsubscribe csv. 
  4. Often users will read a campaign many weeks or even months later. If they unsubscribe at a later time then unless you go back to eache campaign report and check if there is a delta, you will miss any updated information. 

Recommendation: Training 

We train our customers in their training session to export using the advanced search. This means that no data is missed across the entire system and the plethora of entry / exit points for subscribers. To get the most out of this comprehensive and enterprise grade software we recommend at least one member of your team goes through our full day training session

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