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Managing Bouncebacks?

Posted by Shaka Zulu, Last modified by Shaka Zulu on 04 October 2013 11:03 AM

When an email campaign is sent from the system you will see in the report a section with your bounce back results. These will be split into two main categories: Hard Bounces and Soft Bounces. An explanation of each of these is available here.

Hard Bounces are automatically unsubscribed from your database, so they are in essence managed for you. Sometimes though if there is an error with the domain name of the contacts email address, E.g. this will return a hard bounce when if you updated the email address to (remove the .au) it may be a valid email address. To manage these manually, download the hard bounce spread sheet from your report and look for all of the 'bad-domain' errors to see if they can be resolved. 

Soft bounces aren't automatically managed by the system, mainly because one soft bounce recording may not mean the next email delivered to this contact will also bounce. Still if there are errors with an email address you can check these and update accordingly by downloading the soft bounce spreadsheet.

You can run a report to see if who from your last few email campaigns have ALL recorded soft bounce backs, this can be done using the campaign metrics report >> it's found under the 'Email Marketing' drop down menu.

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