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WordPress Plugin Zulu eDM WP SMTP Email Plugin

Posted by Olivia Tang, Last modified by Olivia Tang on 26 February 2021 02:41 AM

Zulu eDM SMTP Email Gateway and Reputation Tools WordPress Plugin

    Use this SMTP relay plugin to send emails using the Zulu eDM Trusted Sender Network email service. This service is a scalable and robust email delivery network that ensures all email traffic meets stringent email protocols. To purchase this service please follow this link

    How to Use this Plugin

    Add the Zulu eDM SMTP Gateway service to your existing account in either Zulu eDM or Trusted Sender Network

    Developers can fork the repository here.

    API documentation for developer access is here


    Download the plugin here


    In your WordPress admin:

    • Install and activate this plugin.
    • You then add your username and password allocated from the Zulu eDM Trusted Sender Team
    1. Visit 'Plugins > Add New'
    2. Click Upload Plugin and select the file you downloaded from here
    3. Activate the Zulu eDM WP SMTP Email Plugin.
    4. Go to the list of plugins and under Zulu eDM SMTP Gateway click settings.
    5. Add in your user details, if you do not have them contact us at

    == Changelog ==

    0.01 - First iteration pre release.

    1.1.2 - moved to github

    1.1.3 - Tidied up UI and preparing for automated API credentials

    Website Email Best Practice

    You are able to set the email from name and email address with the plugin and the gateway in general. You may use an email address / alias of your choosing
    We recommend an email address that can be replied to and has availability to multiple staff. 
    Example for GSuite Users
    We think it is best to create a group similar to and which you have completed to become a Trusted Sender.
    Then when setting up the group you are able add multiple people to access that group.
    GSuite has reserved names that can only be used as a group with an email alias. We think the most appropriate email aliases would be:
    • admin
    • hostmaster
    • webmaster
    Google's reference article: ref:
    Microsoft Office 365 works in a near identical fashion. Here is the video we created for the exercise:

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