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Digital Assets File Manager

Posted by Olivia Tang on 10 June 2020 07:14 PM

The new Responsive File Manager replaces the pre-existing "Images and Files" section of the Zulu eDM. We have made the Digital Assets manager available from each screen you are in, that will save having to always remember to upload before editing a template or form.

Digital Asset & File Manager Overview

Zulu eDM has always been more than just email campaigning. Our forms and the original Landing Page app (under redevelopment) are able to be used for so much more than just a subscriber form  or campaign initiative. So we wanted the next iteration of the Digital Asset & File Manager to give you all of the necessary file tasks permissible in the platform. 

Here are some highlights of the features:

  • The Digital Asset & File Manager app is now available on every screen without having to leave the screen you are on. So if you in a template you can upload and insert an image or file link without having to leave what you are doing.
  • The ability to edit images in terms of filters, size and other image editing tools are now available.
  • All of the WYSIWYG editors have the file manager integrated into the user interface. 
  • Create text documents or similar using the file manager.
  • Search for files, get file information and order files in folders as you would your desktop.
  • Will seamlessly work with future template builders.

Editing an Image using the Toast UI Image Editor

Zulu eDM now using Yoast UI Image Editor

  1. To access the image editing function you must first open the Digital Assets and File Manager app. 
  2. On the image you wish to edit simply right click (option click for MAC users)  and select "Edit Image"
  3. Once finished editing the image please remember to save the changes using the button in the top right of your screen

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