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How to setup and use Offiice 365 and Google GSuite Groups with Zulu eDM Campaign Manager

Posted by Dave Zulu, Last modified by Dave Zulu on 05 December 2019 12:45 PM

This support article will explain how you to setup and use Google G Suite groups with Zulu eDM Campaign Manager and enhance your campaigning or trusted sender settings? Office 365 is slightly different with the only option for postmaster configuration being a catch all. The instructions can be found here 

PLEASE NOTE: Office 365 is quite behind GSuite with email configuration options (December 2019) - is not available. So setting your abuse registration with must be set to the and you can also add your email address with which is 

By adding or we are able to parse feedback loop SPAM reports and update the FBL statistic in your account. This is vital as these subscribers are automatically unsubscribed (m3aawg requirement) and is vital to your email reputation. Most FBL's work off your IP address registered and that is how we handle the requests currently however this is a second and precautionary task.

As a Trusted Sender program member you are able to set any email address for the domain registered in your account. We will use as the registered domain for this article. 

GSuite reserved / restricted email addresses can be configured after reading this GSuite article.

  1. Mail FROM: This is set in the campaign information option and appears in the recipient's email client as :From. You can add as many of these email addresses are need to in Zulu eDM. To avoid bouncebacks, we recommend using a GSuite group or a generic email address. (this can be any address for the domain
  2. Reply-To = Unfortunatley the reply-to is handled in different ways by email servers and can flag a possible spam issue if a different domain or subdomain is used. Proceed with caution. 
  3. You can use (and you must set them up anyway) postmaster, hostmaster, abuse, webmaster,
  4. For Trusted Sender purposes, the and  MUST be active and able to receive email, in G Suite they are restricted groups but you MUST give somebody in your organization access to monitor them. Other groups like hostmaster can just be assigned as aliases.
    • These special email addresses ARE NOT part of catch all and must be attended to as per the RFC requirement.
    • Here are the G Suite links that refer to reserved names I have copied the Abuse and Postmaster message from this link
    • If you want the out of office replies then you should use webmaster as an alias.
    • Irrespective never use the abuse or postmaster to subscribe or as an email unless necessary. i.e Trusted Sender requires it administer your domain.
    • However create the groups. (They need to be done even though it will say it didn't save - it will then appear in your groups list).
    • Add yourself to these vital groups as this is where key email messages are sent to from organisations like google, SPAM lists yahoo etc.


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