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Personalise Group Sender Settings for Better Engagement

Posted by Dave Zulu on 19 September 2019 03:22 PM

A key targeting and engagement feature of the system is the ability to allocate a sender email and reply-to email to each group / segment you create  Tt save time and provide a better user experience as well as complimenting 

How does Group Sender Settings Work?

Lets use a Local Government / Shire Council as an example: 

The default communications come from "California State Authority"  Engagement is very low using that email address for every subscriber and it also takes far too long to create a different email / campaign for each business unit / service / segment that you have or want to change the sender details. Group Sender Settings lets you send one email with a personalised sender name and email address  as well as a personalised reply-to name and email address.

Essentially if a subscriber is in the Library group, the campaign from address may be "The Library, Cali City " <> instead of California State Authority"  If a recipient is in multiple groups that have sender details configured, the system honours the first group found (it is in order of adding the group into the platform, not alphabetic)

This helps with personalisation, engagement and if you want replies to work as a call to action then this is where you can personalise it.

Group sender settings are the perfect accompaniment to conditional content and reusable content, two other Zulu Only features. Send one email to 1 million subscribers and have each email appear personalise and with different and relevant content with just 1 email send.

Screen shot of Groupo Sender Settings

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