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Zulu eLearning Release 2.9.30 rev 132 -153

Posted by Olivia Tang on 18 July 2019 04:04 AM

This release finalises the infrastructure and security updates which has moved the application and the database environment onto Debian Stretch 9.9.  PHP5.6 will be deprecated next moving to PHP 7.3. Expected performance improvements will be seen, faster development time with improved data manipulation.

The new failover instances that will run in parallel has also been deployed. That will mean one instance can go offline to be upgraded whilst the other is available for use. This will prevent the legacy timing issues experienced this year and in 2017. 

User Interface Updates

Login Screen:

The new login screen aligns the UI code base with Zulu eDM and Zulu Trusted Sender.  A progressive step to a single sign-in environment that will kick off with Google Login, followed by LinkedIn and Azure.


Course Portal

The user login screen has been update with a wider look, cantered with the header colour no longer married to the admin menu bar colour. This will provide a cleaner look and feel for corporate logos when their users sign-up or in.

There is a 1280px restriction for the main content area. All UI content is now updated with material design components which can be called upon via the editor. We advise waiting for the next editor with will allow development using the components and the bootstrap classes as well.


Admin Control Panel

The Jquery files have been rearranged so that we can launch numerous new design colour schemes in the not too distant future. Fonts are no in Google Open Sans which we may allow for corporate fonts to be used in the future.

A new Fontawesome 5+ icon set is also installed which will allow for richer user experience when building eLearning pages in the future. Admins will be able to use simple code to call the icon library such as <I class=”fab fa-linkedin” style=”font-size:15px;”></i>


The UI conversion and move to the DMARC protected enabled domain caused some old stable functions to stop working as they should. These have all now been restored to working order. E.g. creating departments and offline courses etc.

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