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Zulu eDM Campaigner - Email Test Sending

Posted by Brode Clements, Last modified by Brode Clements on 27 June 2019 12:51 PM

As with most functions within Zulu eDM Campaigner we have multiple ways to achieve a result. Why? Because we have used the system for years and we know when functions need a shortcut. The test sending function is one of those. Please read this article to understand why and how it works.

How Email Sending Works

There are 2 test sending mechanisms in the Zulu eDM Campaigner. One uses the email engine and the other a server script. Why have 2 options? Email is a very difficult discipline as it relies on on 1400 variables for delivery. This varies for each email server that we are sending to. 

By Pass The Email Engine

One variable that affects the volume of email that can be sent is the message queue rate for the receiving server. So if we have millions of emails in the queue all set with different instructions then sometimes the TEST email using our email engine can be held up. 

Using The Email Engine

The other variable is our highly sophisticated email engine which compiles each email individually and attaches the correct mail headers etc. This can take sometime to get through a big send and then place the email is the queue. We understand when testing the look and feel of an email all of the "compliant" features just aren't required so we created a bypass.

Emails with the word "Test" in the subject line sent from the "home.php?mode=pronewcampaign&cid=183" Campaign Overview screen by pass the Email Engine for immediate results.

Emails with the words "eDM Test cid" in the subject line sent from the "home.php?mode=pronewcampaign&cid=183" Template Content screen use the Email Engine and will render conditional content where required.

Furture releases may put both buttons next to each other. 
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