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Zulu eDM Version 2.1.1 build 1228 Release

Posted by Dave Zulu, Last modified by Dave Zulu on 28 September 2017 04:36 PM

Zulu eDM Version 2.1.1 build 1228 in a major sub release on the path to Version 3.0 and includes:

Reusable Content

This feature is for professional, Franchise and Enterprise account holders.

This feature provides content and campaign efficiency. It will be used in future releases to help Automation achieve a reduction on email volume.
Use DragNDrop template builder to create and reuse content for multiple purposes. Rather than reuse an entire template to access specific content, you can insert saved content (blocks) when creating or editing a template or during the campaign process.

For Franchise and Multi-Account holders this addition gives the ability for the centralised marketing function to produce and share content in a far more useful and scalable way.

New Navigation Heading

  • Access to SMS & EMail Templates is now linked via the Content Heading. This is a logical step to better display core content marketing functions and also prepares the system for 3rd party content service providers such as Instagram, FB, Wordpress etc
  • Uploading of Images and documents is now available from the Home screen navigation.

Small Enhancements

  • FULLSCREEN toggle in template and content editing - The scroll bars were driving us insane so have done our best not to compromise function with this change.
  • Reduced the logo height to give users a larger workspace
  • Added MY TICKETS | KNOWLEDGEBASE to the top RHS of the applications
  • The addition of the time and date stamp when browsing Templates.
  • In template editing mode 
The screen shot is the application in FULLSCREEN mode with the FULLSCREEN toggle highlighted

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