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Wordpress Plugin - Contact Form 7 Sync

Posted by Dave Zulu, Last modified by Dave Zulu on 19 September 2019 03:45 PM

The Plugin, Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular plugins for building auto-responder forms in Wordpress. To integrate the form fields and submission with your Zulu eDM account (database) follow these steps:

After installing the Contact Form 7 Plugin and building a form(s) for your website, search the new Plugin directory for Zulu eDM Contact Form 7 Sync. You can also find the latest download here

After installing the Zuli eDM plugin you will need to align the fields in the form with the fields in your account. 

Example: Below is an example form built using Contact Form 7

<label> Date
[date* date-48 min:09-12-2017 class:d01 class:m01 class:y2008]

<label> First Name (required)
[text text-736 placeholder "First Name"]

<label> Your Email (required)
[email* email-336 placeholder ""]

<label> Confirm subscription
[acceptance acceptance-202 default:on]

[submit "Send"]
[recaptcha size:compact]

Zulu eDM Fields / Plugin Configuration:
signupdate:date-48, firstname:text-736, email:email-336, subscribed:acceptance-202

Notes: Date, SMTP and Google CAPTCHA
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