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Version 3.0 Release - 2017- 2018 Development Schedule

Posted by Dave Zulu, Last modified by Dave Zulu on 19 September 2019 03:51 PM


The purpose of this document is to provide clients and partners with the list of proposed system enhancements and changes to the Zulu eDM platform that will constitute a major release moving from version 2.X.X to version 3.0 at the completion of the scheduled tasks contained within this document. The purpose of the major release is to provide the best user experience possible using the latest technologies giving vital access as well as data management and presentation for users of all versions.


Zulu Labs focused on building a scalable Big Data eDM platform that has been used commercially with over 27 million subscribers sending over 100,000 emails per month. That is larger than the population of Australia.

Whilst other email only platforms focused on the user experience we took a more difficult route ensuring that our solution could scale from a FREE Version through to an enterprise Big Data version without having to change anything at all except the Account Plan. The architecture has also incorporated SMS messaging which after the release of 3.0 will be joined by direct chat messaging. The feature name is tentatively being called “conversations” based upon the ideal outcomes.

The time has come for a complete overhaul of the user experience. Technology has advanced considerably in terms of giving a user a rich experience that will provide the data manipulation tools necessary to complete significant and complex algorithms designed for structured and purposeful campaigning.

3.0 will also solve a long term issue that we have had with automation. Automation is partly to blame for the DMARC standards being developed. Automation relies on a single message. Our solution will be far more elegant leveraging conditional content to mitigate the risk of disengaging with recipients due to excessive messages in an automation loop.

The following should be noted as core system changes which will affect the business rules that are being followed by customers presently.

Subscriber Data – We will be adding the following 2 new fields:

  • Communication Frequency Preference ( weekly, fortnightly, monthly)
  • Chat Messaging Preference (Choice of FB Messenger, WeChat and WhatsApp)

Group Types – Will be used to help with decontaminating analytics as well as for users that perform system tasks.

Campaign Type – This may only be a system change for email headers. More details to come

3.0 will also see the first multi-lingual option (Spanish) with RTL and a much overdue fix for time zones.

Messaging Gateway API

Start date: Underway

This PI enhancement is a new product offering that leverages our messaging capabilities by giving developers the ability to send transaction email and SMS (not marketing) and return basic delivery and engagement outcomes.

  • Design the gateway business rules and core functions
  • Build API, sending and reporting components Zulu Development

Template & Content Block

Start date: 01/08/2017 (est)

Creating a content type called blocks and allow template blocks to be saved and reused.

UX Conversion

Start date: Underway

The most significant change  for users of the system since it’s inception. The new UI elements can be view here The Launch of the hybrid UI will deliver many efficiencies and for the first time the system will be multi-lingual beginning with Spanish. The platform will be converted into the latest software languages and so as to give a rich data experience and flexibility that has finally come of age.

List of UI Elements

  • Colour Palate 1 comment Zulu Development
  • Removal of PNG Icons and replacing them with SVG 
  • UI Work-space Campaign Control Centre 
  • Architecture List 
  • Move Campaign Sections 

Merge Campaign Sections

Start date: Underway

Merge all campaign management sections into one. This enhancement will merge the homepage Sent and draft campaigns with SMS campaign listings, email campaign listings and the email reports section into one configurable workspace saving time and giving even greater intelligence.

Groups & Sender Lists Enhancement

  Start date: TBA

The purpose of group types is to define the function of a group to increase system usability and analytics accuracy. The system becomes confusing when operational and task based groups are created and appear in the analytics report and general UI.


  • Group Types & Enhancements
  • Sender list interface and enhancement

Automation Sequences

  Start date: TBA

Zulu has focused on data structures, architecture and the best tools for engagement possible. The marketing automation industry is partly responsible for the DMARC and SPAM issues and the worst engagement ever seen via messaging. This enhancement will give users the automation they seek without increasing email volumes or content production effort. The algorithms are complex.


  • Attach content to Groups of Type Sequence
  • Scheduler
  • User sequence reporting
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