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Bounce Categories

Posted by Dave Zulu, Last modified by Dave Zulu on 03 October 2016 05:50 PM

Hard Bounces (Contacts Automatically Unsubscribed)

Companies, ISP’s and webmail providers like Google and Yahoo will penalize your domain by sending email to dormant, inactive and incorrect email accounts. SPAMMERS often do this using SPAM Bots and so to protect our clients and us we unsubscribe your contacts. If you believe this is in error please contact the subscriber to ascertain the correct email information .


The Domain Name (after the @ symbol) is incorrect or no longer active.


The Name or Address (before the @ symbol) is incorrect or no longer active.


The recipients mailbox is currently inactive. This can be a permanent (Hard Bounce) situation however covers other circumstances such as the temporary disabling of a mail box due to a contacts period of absence from work. It is best practice to take them off your list by unsubscribing them.


Bounces of this type indicate that a recipients mailbox has reached its storage limit and due to this your email was unable to be delivered. This again will give the sender a bad reputation as it can be attributed to SPAM related activity. For your reputation and ours we unsubscribe these.

Soft Bounces

No-Answer-From-Host / Routing-Errors / Relaying-Issues / Protocol-Errors / Bad-Connection

The recipients email host could not be contacted correctly or is not responding at all. This could be due to a temporary issue with their network, or their server was down at the time of sending.


Bounces of this type indicate that a specific error response type could not be confirmed. This type of bounce could fit into any of the categories listed above but not enough information could be retrieved to determine so.

Spam Bounces

Policy-Related / Spam-Related / Content-Related / Other Rejections

Your content or domain or email address has most likely been flaged as SPAM. The globally accepted SPAM rate is less than 0.1%. If you continue to send poor content please contact us or visit our support centre for eDM best practices.

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