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Existing Contacts Completing Web Forms

Posted by Victoria Zulu on 27 August 2016 10:28 AM

When you have added a Web Form for subscribers or a contact us form on to your website using Zulu eDM, sometimes people who have already subscribed may have already used the contact form or vise versa.

When a contact adds their details (email address etc.) the first time on your online form, your Zulu eDM account remembers this so when they go to complete the form again (or a different form from Zulu eDM) they may get a message that requires them to confirm that it is them completing the form.

So when setting up your Web Form you can select from a couple of options when this occurs.

Option One: No Verification Required

This means that whenever they complete any form they will be able to do so without having to confirm their identity. This is our clients preferred option.

**IMPORTANT** This option should NOT be used if "username" or "password" are fields within the form.

Option Two: Verify Changes via Login

This means that if the contact already exists in your database, they will need to login to confirm their identity and complete the form process. The downside of this is that many contacts won't remember their login details and may just leave the page (this is especially bad if it's a subscription form they are trying to complete).

You may want to use this if it is a subscription form for multiple publications and they can manage their subscriptions from this form.

Option Two: Verify Changes via Email

This means that if the contact already exists in your database, our system will send them an email verification that they will need to click on before they can complete the form. The downside of this is that this takes a little more time and people can get distrrated when being sent to thier email to verify. They may forget to come back to the form after they have clicked on the link in their email.

You may want to use this if you are getting a lot of people subscribing but that may not be legitimate contacts (i.e. spam contacts).

To set these options up you can do so from the "Email Options" tab under each Web Form. The "Require Submissions to be Verified" section is highlighted below. Remember to save the form after making any changes.

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