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Industry SPAM Rates & Feedback Loops (FBL's)

Posted by Dave Zulu, Last modified by Dave Zulu on 02 March 2017 07:08 PM

Large ISP’s and email hosts provide a mechanism by which any emails that have been flagged as SPAM by their customers and users are sent to the sender of the email registered with feedback loop.

Different feedback loops work in different ways but in general, a feedback loop (FBL) provides the feedback (or SPAM / Abuse report) to the mail administrator of the IP address linked to the email sent. This report can effect the IP address reputation any therefore any other organization using that shared IP address.

The sender of the email is specified by “MAILFROM”. We use the sender in the FBL report we received to locate which of our users has been flagged and we provide this information in your account. We provide the number of campaign abuse reports and a %. You may view all of the information by downloading the CSV.

The information is also available via the Warrior API. Please not the % provided is not a reflection on each FBL provider but a % of total campaign results.

i.e. FBL volume / total delivered * 100. If your FBL % is to high you may be locked out of your account. If this happens please contact support ASAP. 

The acceptable threshold of SPAM complaints made by users for a campaign received by the email host is <0.1%. Calculation is (number of received * 0.001). The acceptable rate is calculated by each mail host (gmail, yahoo etc) is not based on your total campaign volume, it is based on the number of emails received by the email hosting provider has received from you.

That could mean that you have sent 20,000 emails and Gmail received only 1,000 so the total acceptable number of complaints by Gmail users is 1

Volume of Emails

Acceptable Complaints















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