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Pipeline Deals Notification FAQ's
Posted by Dave Zulu, Last modified by Dave Zulu on 10 February 2017 06:21 PM

Pipeline Deals Settings 

Campaign Open = eDM Warm people status

Campaign Click = eDM Hot  people status

Web Form Filled In = eDM Web Form status

Activities are stored in Activity Category Zulu eDM – You can set these yourself though in the Notifications Setting Area

1)    If we have multiple users in PLD and every one of them have different API key and if we want to assign specific leads to respective agents then it would be possible with our Zulu account?
Please confirm you checked the Notifications settings? If you only used an API Key for 1 user then yes you are correct. If you use the master API key you allocate the notifications for. If the user is NOT in the CRM it will default to the Master API key user. IF the leads / contacts are already assigned then the information is updated according to that lead / contact.

2)    We are getting notifications only on PLD, but is it possible to get the notifications in their email account?
No – the idea is to have the two systems open and being used

3)    PLD is capturing all the contact info and tags at first time when an email is opened, but if there is any webform attached to an email and client fill it out, then PLD does not capture any updated info or tags. It adds it as an activity on PLD?
Correct, we only sync tags on outbound syncs, not using notifications. So if any tags are coming up that means they are already set. The information should be stored as an activity.

4)    If the email goes to spam and person open the email to read, then PLD is not capturing any contact info for that lead?
I am not sure of the question, if a link or email is open then yes PLD will capture that information

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