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Pipeline Deals CRM Sync Integration

Posted by Zulu eDM Team, Last modified by Dave Zulu on 10 February 2017 06:23 PM

To set up your integration with PLD (Pipeline Deals) as an outbound link i.e. contacts from your Zulu eDM account are added to PLD when an action is completed in your Zulu eDM account. As an example a client of ours wanted to add anyone who clicked on a specific link within an eDM Campaign to be added to PLD so that their sales team could follow up and track the leads accordingly. To set this up for them, this is what we did:

Firstly we made sure their PLD account was set up so that they could easily track in PLD where the leads were coming from.

So in PLD we set up:

Source = Campaign

Sample of Sources

Tags = Name of Campaign (if you want to track multiple types of leads or from multiple campaigns you just need to create a new tag for the new type of lead)

Sample of Person Tags

In Zulu eDM we created Groups to add contacts to when they clicked on links within specific campaigns.

We then set this up in the Outbound Settings of our PLD Integration App so that the Source = Campaign and the Tags matched the campaign the contacts (or leads) were coming from. You can also choose to import these contacts as either leads or contacts depending on what you consider them to be based on your business model.

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