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How to Increase your Subscribers

Posted by Victoria Zulu, Last modified by Victoria Zulu on 11 January 2016 07:00 AM

  • Maximise your Social Media
    Add sign up forms on to your Social Media pages. For tracking purposes you should also record where the subscriber came from for future marketing campaigns.

  • Run some Competitions
    These are a great way to increase subscribers but you need to be careful that they are not subscribers that may just unsubscribe after the competition has ended. You need to make sure your communications are interesting to keep these subscribers on long term.

  • Maximise the oppourtunities on your own website
    Add sign up forms to:

    • A prominent location on your home page
    • On each of your product pages (make sure to record the product category they were interested in)
    • To your contact us page
    • Adding a pop up reminder (intrusive but it works) when people visit your site
    • Adding links to any automated emails that get sent to customers after purchase

  • Boost your Sign Up forms
    There are a few things you can do to encourage people to sign up just by making small changes to your sign up page or pop-up screen.

    • Only ask for the recipients email address, then after sign up ask them to update their details – e.g. first name, DOB, and when they would like to receive newsletters
    • Depending on the type of emails you are sending users may be encouraged by:

      • Discounts/Offers

      • Information on what will be included in the newsletter

      • Simple & Short sign up process

  • Spread the word
    Remind your subscribers to pass the message of your business & brand on to their friends & family. You can encourage this with discounts for them and their friends if they also sign up.

  • Offers & Discounts
    These are especially popular in the retail space.
    See 4a(i) above as an example of how this can be presented at sign up. You can also use discounts to keep your subscribers engaged. Thank you discounts for loyalty and happy birthday messages are a great way to build your brand and the relationship you have with your existing subscribers.

  • QR codes
    These have been available for quite a while and some brands benefit from their use quite greatly. Essentially you can link the QR code on product labels, receipts & business cards to an online sign up form. You can encourage use by providing discounts or other incentives.

  • POS (Point of Sale) Opportunities
    POS is a great way to build subscribers but there are some hurdles:

    • Errors occur frequently if people are forced to write their details down on paper
    • The time taken to enter in all the email addresses is very time consuming for staff
    • People much prefer to sign up in their own time rather than at the counter

    To get around this you can use an iPad locked to your sign up form so that people can sign up in store away from the register. Or you can provide cards with the QR code with a direct link to the sign up page so that users can take it with them and sign up when they are ready.
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