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Setting Up Automatic Reminders from Xero

Posted by Zulu eDM Team, Last modified by Dave Zulu on 10 February 2017 06:26 PM

First, you will need to log in and connect to Xero

You will then see the Reminders Set Up. Here you are able to set the amount of days after the invoice is overdue when the client will receive their reminder notice and also the type of reminder that is sent.

To change the reminder content, click on the drop down box and simply choose and insert the wildcard as you wish.

You are also able to add more than one Reminder. For example, if you already have a reminder set up to be sent out after an invoice is 7 days overdue, you can also chose to set up a reminder to be sent again if the invoice has not been paid within a certain amount of time after the original reminder was sent.

If you want a reminder to be sent every day once the invoice has not been paid within a certain time period, press the 'and onwards' option.

Whenever you make any changes with your Reminders, ensure that you scroll to the bottom of the page and click the 'save' button.

To change your company details or manage your client email exceptions list, click on the 'other options' tab.

In the 'other options' tab you are able to edit where the email has been sent to and where the clients email will be sent to. 

Eg. If you want the clients reply to be sent to a different address to what the reminder was sent in, change the details in the 'email reply to name' and 'email reply to address' boxes.

In the 'other options' tab you are also able to set up and manage a 'client exception list'. If you put a client in this list, this means that no matter how overdue their invoice is they will not receive an invoice reminder from you.

If you would like your email to include the copy of the overdue invoice, click the box next to the 'PDF attatchments' option.

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