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Resending a campaign that is exactly the same as the last
Posted by Zulu eDM Team, Last modified by Victoria Zulu on 21 December 2015 02:10 PM

#1 – Firstly you will need to upload the images that you need for this campaign into the system – go to the images and files area and click on the "upload image" icon in the top right hand corner (see image below)

#2 – Once the images are uploaded you can go to the "View Campaigns" area of the account and you will see a list of all the most recent campaigns sent from the system.

#3 – Now there is already a campaign that looks to have been started already that's a copy of an old one. You'll see it titled "Shop with confidence (resent)" and it will have a red cross on it to indicate it has not yet been sent. Click on this icon to go into this campaign to start modifying it.

#4 – When you click on the icon you will be taken to the 'campaign checkpoints' screen which lists all the steps you need to go through to create a campaign.

You only need to worry about the "Campaign Information Specified", "Content Entered" and "Recipients Selected" screens.

#5 – Campaign Information – you will see that this is where the subject line and sender details are set so you can update this accordingly

#6 – Content Entered – This is where you will need to replace the existing images and text from the previous campaign design. To add the images you have uploaded already you can use these instructions

To link the images to the URL locations you will need to select the image you want to link and use these instructions

Other support articles that may help

#7 – Once you have completed updating the content – sent a test to your email address to check it's all looking correct using the "send test" icon on the left hand side of the screen

#8 – If all the content is all good to go – click next/save to move on to the "Recipients Selected" area where you can double check the groups of contacts you are sending to are correct.

#5 – If all is OK then press send

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