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Tracking Data from your Database

Posted by Zulu eDM Team, Last modified by Victoria Zulu on 21 December 2015 02:10 PM

The best place to view this information is on the "Contact Groups & Segments" screen (in the Address Book navigation).

Here you can select the "Greg's Store Locations" folder

And the data for each store will be displayed on screen (see below). The stats at the top are for the parent group but if you scroll down the screen you will see the numbers for each store location. We also have a "growth" percentage. This is how many contacts have been added to the database in the past month (so the last day of the previous month compared to today).

If you click on any of the store names in the image above you will be taken to the main stats for this group – as you can see below there is a contacts history graph and monthly growth.

PLEASE NOTE – we can also track average OPEN RATES and CTR on these groups as well but when you are sending your campaigns you need to select all groups – not just the "default group" sothat we can add this to the tracking.

I also want to show you – We have a record of all who have entered the form on the VIP mate page (over all time) available under "Build & Group Fields" in the system. There is a screen image below of the screen which I'm referencing.

Please note that old stores that have been removed from the form won't appear here. This is a good indication of the most 'popular' stores I guess you could say.

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