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Xero Invoice Reminders

Posted by Dave Zulu, Last modified by Dave Zulu on 10 February 2017 06:25 PM

The Invoice Reminder App is free with any Zulu eDM account.

How Does It Work?
Once the application is authorised and the options set Zulu eDM will run a service to check due dates in your Xero account and match that to the option set in Zulu eDM. If there is a match then an email will be sent as per the template details set.


Getting Started
Simply goto the Apps section in your Zulu eDM Account and click onthe logo. To authorise the integration follow the steps below.


Number of Days past Due date to send Reminder: If this is set to 7 days, then the reminder service will match any invoices that are 7 days past the due date and send the reminder.

And Onwards: If this option is ticked then a daily reminder will be sent using the template specified after the Number of Days past Due date to send Reminder criteria is met. IMPORTANT: It is recommended that this option is set after you have exahusted your normal collections process.

Type of Reminder to Send: Email is the only reminder option available at this stage, SMS will be launched in the future.

Content: This is the message you woulde like the recipient to recieve. You may insert Client Variables using the 'Wildcard' option.


Connecting Your Xero Account

Simply click the "Connect to Xero" button and you will be taken to the Xero API authorisation screen. Enter your Xero account details and click Login. Please note Zulu eDM does not capture this information or any other information in your Xero account.


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