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Why understanding when your readers are viewing your emails is important

Posted by Zulu eDM Team, Last modified by Victoria Zulu on 21 December 2015 02:10 PM

Recently a customer sent out an eDM to their customer database at 4pm on a Tuesday. The open rate for the type of campaign and their business was 25% (above the average for their industry) which is brilliant! However...

When we had a closer look at what time their recipients opened and engaged with the eDM, a large percentage were 12 – 24 hours after it was delivered.

Why is this important?

It is important because, had we waited until the following morning to deliver the eDM rather than the Tuesday afternoon – it's possible that the open rate and engagement rate may have been much higher (even though it was great already!)

When analyzing your eDM campaigns – make sure to look at all the reports and analytics that Zulu eDM provides, have a look at all the reports as they can give you some insights as to how you can help understand what your recipients are doing, how they are doing it in order to cater your campaigns to them - and this will help improve your results.

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