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Forward to A Friend

Posted by Zulu eDM Team, Last modified by Victoria Zulu on 11 February 2015 01:56 PM

To add a Forward to A Friend button to your eDM campaign, please follow these steps:

1. Within your campaign content you will need to insert the forward to a friend 'wildcard'. This can be done by:

a. Selecting the "Forward to a Friend" wildcard card from the wildcards dropdown (shown below)

b. Click "insert" to add this wildcard into the campaign content (where you want the link to appear)

c. It should appear in the content like this (see below)

d. Which when a campaign is sent, it should look like this (below)

2. Once you have entered the wildcard into your campaign and send it out to your database, users who click on this link will be sent to a screen that looks like this (see below). The title of the email and the persons details will be prefilled in the sections highlighted in green. They just need to enter in their friends details and hit "submit".

3. Once this is completed it's is also recorded in the Campaign Statistics in the section highlighted in the image below

4. The other details also recorded are:

a. Forwards Accepted – these are forwarded emails that have been opened and the recipient has clicked on the link to subscribe
b. Forwards Pending – these are forwarded emails but the recipient has not subscribed
c. Contacts who Subscribed – These are contacts who have received a forwarded email, clicked on the link and subscribed to your emails from it (when the forwarder send the email it includes their message (if they wrote one) as well as a link to subscribe to your email campaigns)


To customize the Forward to a Friend link you can also turn it into a button (like this below) by inserting an image (like the one shown below) into the eDM content.

You then need to select the image (like they have above) and click on the "insert/edit link" icon in the WYSIWYG (shown below)

And a pop-up will appear that looks like this (below). You will need to copy in the wildcard ##_system_forward_friend# into the "Link list" section shown below – then click insert to add this link to the image.

**UPDATE** - you may need to add http:// before the wildcard for it to work in Hotmail and Yahoo Mail

It will then look like this when the recipient receives the eDM (much nicer!)

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