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Advanced Search Sample: Searching for users with a specific Gender

Posted by Victoria Zulu, Last modified by Victoria Zulu on 12 August 2014 02:41 PM

You will need to use the advanced search to search for any infomraiton saved on your database in profile fields that have been created. In this example: Gender

There are some knowledgebase articles on this here that may also assist you >>

1. Go to Address Book > Search & Segment Contacts


2. Click on the “Advanced Search” tab


3. On this next screen you will see on the left three fields (First Name, Surname & Email) – these are not needed to press the “x” to remove them

4. Then on the left of the screen you will see various options. These are your search parameter options.



5. Firstly unless you want to search through everyone on your entire database you will need to specify what group (or groups) you want to search within. To do this, under Add Group Conditions, click on the dropdown and select the one or multiple groups you need. 

In this example we chose the Business News group. 

Tick the group and then click “Add”



6. It will then get added to the left hand side “search conditions” area. 


7. Next you will need to select the “Fields to Display” tab to choose the custom fields you want displayed in the results of the search



8. Once you have selected the fields you want click “search” 

9. The results will be displayed with the fields requested. You then have the option to move all of these contact to a group or probably of more use to you – download to a CSV – from there you can sort the Gender column and get the stats you need.


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