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Email Client & Device Breakdown Analysis

Posted by Victoria Zulu, Last modified by Victoria Zulu on 12 August 2014 02:44 PM

Email Clients

1. The “unknown” number in the Email Clients chart will be a combination of all of the email clients listed however because of the many varied ways emails can be viewed (e.g. an email sent to a Gmail can be opened in at least three different email browsers,, Outlook Express and regular Outlook (07,10 and13) – only some of these provide accurate reporting to us and the information we receive back doesn’t provide us enough information to allocate it to a specific email client. 

In the example below using the percentages of the data that do specify we would suggest that Outlook 2010, Hotmail and Outlook Express are your top three Email Clients and you should ensure eDM are viewable especially in these email clients.


2. The “unknown” number in the Devices chart will most likely be readers using a desktop computer (PC or MAC). In most cases of mobile (including tablets) devices they provide accurate reporting for us so we can say with certainty that they are mobile devices (or tablets). With desktop computers the information is not provided so we place these in an ‘unknown’ category for you. 

In the example below using the percentages of the data we would be confident that 50% of your readers are viewing the emails using a desktop computer (either PC or MAC) and that your next highest readership is on an iPhone, followed by an iPad.

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