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Important System Update Notification - Administrator Updates

Posted by Victoria Zulu, Last modified by Dave Zulu on 15 August 2014 12:25 PM

Administration Upgrade for Zulu eDM accounts

We are updating the way you add administrators into your account to make it easier to manage and update your various administrators that have access to your Zulu eDM account.

The new area will be available from a drop down under “Your Account” titled “Manage Administrators”


From here you will be able to either “Add an Existing Contact” to the administrator list or “Create a New Administrator”




You will need to have the email address of the user you need to add by entering in the email address in the field provided and clicking “Search”  



The user will be displayed and then you can select “Add this contact as an Administrator” 

*Please note you will then need to make sure a username and password have been set for this administrator*




You will need to enter in all the information required and click “Save” this will save the administrator in the system for you. 



To remove an administrator from your account go to the list of administrators in the account and click the “Remove Administrator” icon (red circle)



You will then need to select from one of the three options below as to how you wish this contact to be removed.

1. Revoke Access – This will disable the contact as an administrator from the system so they will no longer be able to access the admin area but if they are subscribed to receive emails from your company they will still continue to receive these. All of their user details will also remain within the account.

2. Revoke access & Unsubscribe – This disables the contact as an administrator as well as unsubscribes them from any future communications. Their user details remain in the account.

3. Remove from System – This disables the contact as an administrator as well as completely removing their details from the system. No records at all will remain in the system.

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