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PayPal Payment Confirmation Issues

Posted by Shaka Zulu on 25 June 2014 01:45 PM

At times for various reasons, our system may not get confirmation from PayPal that a course has been successfully paid for.

If this occurs what you should do is:

1. Confirm if payment has been successful within your PayPal account.

If it has not - you will need to get the user to re-complete the course selection and payment process.

If it has - you will need to complete the following steps within your account

2. Login to the admin console of your account (

3. Go to Marking & Reports >> Pending Enrolments

4. Select the dates you wish to search between and click "Run Report"

5. A list of users who match this search will appear in a list

6. Select users that you wish to cancel the enrollment for by clicking on the icon "Cancel Enrolment"  (You must cancel the original enrolment that failed in order to add another enrolment manually). A pop up will appear for you to confirm the cancellation.

7. Next, you will need to go to User/Student Management >> List Users/Students

8. All students/users within your account will appear in a list. You will need to locate the student/user you wish to enroll. You can use the "Search" option in the top left hand corner if easier. Once you have located the user/student. Click on the "Edit" pencil icon next to their name.

9. You will be directed to their profile. Click on the "Enrolled Courses" tab

10. Select the course(s) that the student/user should be enrolled in by ticking the relevant courses from the list

11. Once the course or courses have been selected, press "Save".

** You should be directed back to the list of students/users in your account (if not there may be other details that need to be completed for this student/user before thier details can be saved). 

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