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Resending an eDM Campaign to people who were not in the first delivery list

Posted by Shaka Zulu on 29 May 2014 08:10 AM

To resend a campaign to a group of contacts who did not receive the previous send what you can do is this:

1. Firstly you will need to to into the report of the eDM Campaign that was delivered and click on the "Campaign Segmentation' tab, from here you:

a. Select from the left hand side, "contacts who...were in the attempted send list"
b. Select from the right hand side "Add to new group"
c. A section will appear below so that you can name the group, name it "Already Sent Campaign"
d. Click "Add"

2. Next you will need to go back to the "View Campaigns" screen and click on "Modify & Resend" on the same campaign (the one you want to resend)

3. You will be immediately directed to the "Recipents Selected" screen where you will need to select the groups to want to resend this campaign to.

a. In the "Recipients" tab select the groups you want to resend this campaign to - if you want to send to EVERYONE but the people you sent the previous campaign to select the "Default Group"

b. Next you will need to select the "Block List" tab at the top (see image below)

c. Select the group you created earlier (in this case "Already Sent Campaign" and add it to the right hand side so that it is in the "Block List"

d. Once completed click "Next" at the bottom of the screen - you will be taken to the test step in the campaign process so that you can send the campaign.


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