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Conditional Content

Posted by Shaka Zulu on 22 November 2013 01:52 PM

Conditional Content within Email Campaigns

You can use conditional content to insert different content into the one email based on your subscribers (contacts) information. 

The best way to explain how it works is to show you. So we have two of the best examples of how it works below. 

To display content based on interests. 

This email campaign has been set up in three separate content sections. The business itself is split up into three parts: Fishing, Camping and Boats and their database has been set up in these segments. Users may or may not have the ability to change the preferences (this is up to you). 

Setting up the campaign involves checking that you have set up your groups based on the information you want displayed. E.g. 


When you are creating your campaign you will select the conditions you wish to insert. In this example we have added conditions 


When the campaign is delivered it displays like this.

For someone interested in Fishing

For someone interested in Boating

For some one interested in both Camping and Fishing


To display content based on customer experience. E.g. VIP's & New Customers.

This campaign has been developed with one content section that displays content based on a subscribers status that you have determined. 

 In this case the difference between customers is determined by weather they are VIP's, New Customers or Other. 


When the campaign is delivered it displays like this.

For VIP Customers

For New Customers

For any one else 

* Note differences in the buttons are determined by the email client viewed in not the system.

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