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Campaign Workflow

Posted by Shaka Zulu, Last modified by Shaka Zulu on 22 July 2013 07:50 AM

Campaign Workflow (This is an eDM Pro Feature)

When you have multiple eDM campaign running with multiple people using the one account it can be difficult to track the campaigns that are going out. To make this a lot easier we've created an optional campaign workflow process. Before campaigns are delivered an approval may be required depending on which groups the campaign is to be sent to.

e.g. Group One may require approval from the Marketing team before being sent, whereas campaign sent to Group Two may not require approval at all.

Setting Group Owners (required for the Campaign approval process)

This can be set on a per group basis and you can have multiple owners per group. To set this information you need to be logged in as a top level administrator.

Campaign Approval Process

When a campaign is created, when selecting your recipient list the system will now automatically check to see if there are group owners set for any groups selected to send to.

If a group owner is required to approve the campaign the campaign will be placed in a pending state. A new icon has been created for campaigns that are pending approval that looks like this.

The group owner(s) required to approve the campaign will also receive an email that looks like this:

To approve the campaign they can:

Click on the link within the email which will send you directly to the pending approvals screen. Group owners will need to make sure they log-in with their own details in order to see campaign requiring their approval.

Or they can Log-in to the system and on the top RHS of the screen “Campaigns Pending Approval” that looks like this and click on the link "manage my approvals".

Either option will direct them to a screen where they can see all campaigns pending their approval.

From this screen they can:

    a. Approve the campaign 
    b. Decline the campaign
    c. Or resend a test (if an Email Campaign)

If the campaign is declined the author will receive an email like this so that they can action any changes. The campaign will need to be resent for approval once the change are made.

Campaigns that have been declined are indicated by a new icon that looks like this.

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