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Certificates and Badges

Posted by Shaka Zulu, Last modified by Shaka Zulu on 03 March 2014 07:29 AM

Your Zulu eLearning account is capable of producing both Badges and Certificates, these are intended as follows:

Badges: The badge is Business Card size which can be printed on paper via a traditional printer however it is recommended that it is connected to either a label or card printer. Zulu Labs does not provide these devices however we can recommend certain brands/models. The badge contains the user name, department, courses completed plus any other relevant information.

Badges are designed to be used for contracts or visitors that need to be inducted before they can come on site. This function significantly reduces administration time and resources. Badges can only be printed by administrators.

This is an example of a badge produced by Zulu eLearning

Certificates: The certificate is generated by the user when they have completed a course(s). They can be designed to display any images and any information. At current the system is setup to have 1 certificate template. We ask that if you would like a custom certificate you send us the relevant images that make up the certificate. It is not sufficient to provide us with a pdf or complete image. Certificates must be A4 in portrait orientation

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