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Getting Started - Post Campaign Checklist

Posted by Shaka Zulu, Last modified by Shaka Zulu on 13 January 2014 08:10 AM

Post Campaign Checkist:

1. Review the Statistics of your campaign. To do this select the campaign you would like to view (view campaigns > select the campaign you sent) and you'll be taken to a screen that looks like this.

a. How was your open rate? Higher or lower than your last email? Use the “Compare” tab to compare multiple emails.

Average open rates vary greatly, factors like: how big your database is, what type of email you are sending out, if this is the first email you've sent in a while can all affect your open rate. As an example: A database of about 6,000 contacts that is sent a product information campaign, for the first time in about 6 months, would generally expect a 15% - 20% open rate. Whereas a database of 2,000 contacts (that you are regularly in contact with) is sent a special offer that they need to claim in the next 24 hours. This could expect an open rate of up to 60%.

b. Any failed emails? This usually indicates email addresses with incorrect details after the “@” symbol. Export these to a .CSV file so you can correct them and re-import them as new users. Remember to remove the old contacts.

c. Any bounced emails? Check how many Hard and Soft Bounces you received. Hard bounces are automatically unsubscribed for you but you'll need to manage the Soft Bounces yourself. Use the “Operations” tab to add subscribers that recorded a Soft Bounce into a new group so you can manage them further:

i. Check email addresses for errors (and update if possible)
ii. Check the Soft Bounce results to see if your campaign was blocked from anyone's inbox. If is has, have another look at your campaign and check it against our SPAM tips [available here].
iii. Once you have reviewed your bounce backs you can "Resend" your campaign to the contacts who bounced back the first time. To do this, save all your bounce backs into a group (you can do this in the "operations" tab from the original EDM statistics) and resend the campaign to just this group.
iv. Once your second EDM has been sent, check the statistics again and check to see if any of these contacts have now received your campaign.
v. Use the “operations” tab to unsubscribe any contacts who recorded a soft bounce for a second time.

d. What groups that you sent to had the best response? If you sent to multiple campaign groups using the "Group Analytics" tab you can track which groups recorded the higest open rate, the highest unsubscribes, the best CTR etc.

e. What do you know about your recipients? Using the "Recipient Analytics" tab you can learn more about:

i. Where your recipients are located
What devices/email clients your recipients are viewing your email in (this will help to make sure your email is looking fantastic to all who view it!)
iii. How quickly your eDM was opened once it was delivered (If the majority of your opens were 2 hours after the campaign was delivered you may want to consider sending at a later time to improve your open rate)

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