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Compliance / Conditional Fields

Posted by Shaka Zulu, Last modified by Shaka Zulu on 03 March 2014 07:29 AM

The purpose of Compliance / Conditional Fields is to ensure that registered eLearning users complete vital information for safety, compliance or for other related matters. Two examples will help to explain the usefulness of this feature:

Safety Induction: Gathering personal information from contractors for the purpose of compliance is paramount. Each organisation has different requirements and so the creation of fieldsets is a useful tool for customising the information that is to be gathered. When a contractor (or staff member) registers for an induction module then based on the module (remember to puyblish a module for registration it must be linked to a department) they register for a set of complianced fields can me mandated / enforced to be completed BEFORE the user is able to begin the induction programme. The flow looks like this:

1.) User registers with standard LMS fields as set by your organisation in the settings area

2.) WIth the registration fields the user must select a department (induction modules)

3.) Based on the department / module selected the user then is presented with the fieldset (see creating custom fieldsets here)

4.) The user can not proceed until they complete the required fields.

Please note that users preregistered into a department via an upload of users or added manually through the LMS will be prompted with the compliance related fieldsets when they next log in and can not proceed until they complete the required fields.


Training Organisations: Organistions that are required to collect student data for Government reporting compliance and student enrolment informationcan use custom fieldsets and allocate the fieldsets to the course enrolment process. The process for registered users is the same as for the contractor induction example given above.

AVETMISS Fields Sets


How to link fieldsets to a department:

1.) Compliance fieldsets must be enabled on your system. Please contact Zulu Labs Support ( to have this feature enabled.

2.) Edit the field set you wish to associate toa department and then select "Yes" to Enforce Compliance for Departments,

3.) Select the department(s) you wish to associate the fieldset to.


Compliacne Fieldset Association


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